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No matter where you are financially, it’s important that you are taking steps to actively address the issues that managing your wealth presents. At Turner Wealth Management, we believe there are eight wealth management issues that are critical for our clients to address. We use these eight wealth management issues in our planning with the goal of helping our clients make the most of their wealth while avoiding common financial pitfalls.

Investment Management*

In today’s investment environment, it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Without professional advice, taking action could be detrimental to one’s investment goals. We can help you thoroughly assess your entire portfolio before helping you build a long-term investment strategy, diversify your assets**, and even deal with tax

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Retirement Planning*

We serve our clients in all phases of retirement planning, from building assets to creating an income stream. We aim to identify opportunities for building wealth while employing conservative investment strategies, from contributing to a 401(k) plan to identifying appropriate IRA investments, mutual funds, and annuities. We can also offer advice on IRA rollovers, maximizing Social Security benefits, and other complex financial elements.

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Family Risk Management

A key part of financial services is helping our clients protect their retirement savings and their ability to earn income. We can evaluate your current risk plans, including your insurance policies, to determine if you adequately meet your needs at any stage of life.

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Business Planning*

Many business owners face daily financial challenges, such as having enough cash available to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, using the business as a vehicle to save for their retirement, and protecting the business from a potentially devastating financial loss. We can help you evaluate and implement strategies designed to protect your business and take advantage of opportunities that may improve the cash flow, tax situation, benefits, and bottom line of your business.lth of resources.

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Estate Planning

Many of our clients want to leave a legacy for their family but don’t realize that an estate plan is critical for ensuring one’s wishes are carried out. Without a plan, the state will handle the assets according to probate laws and taxes can quickly add up. We help our clients identify how they want to pass on their assets, who will receive what, and when and how. Additionally, we often work with our clients’ attorneys and CPAs to assist in ensuring an appropriate estate plan is in place.

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Education Planning*

A major concern among families is determining how they will pay for their children’s college expenses. We can help your family identify how much money you will need to send your children or grandchildren to college, determine how much you need to save, and how this dedicated investment fits into your overall financial plan.

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Cash Flow and Debt Management

Everyone knows they should spend less than they earn, but not everyone does this. We can identify where your cash is going each month and evaluate potential opportunities to improve their cash flow through tax strategies and proper debt management. We can also help you determine if certain strategies such as refinancing, debt consolidation, or changing your tax withholding could be advantageous to your situation. You may discover you have more resources than you might have thought to help pursue your other wealth management goals.

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Special Situations Planning

Throughout life, some expected and unexpected needs will arise. Whether it is planning a wedding, taking a spur-of-the-moment dream vacation, or deciding to buy a second home, unexpected financial needs happen. We can help you change your game plan without jeopardizing your long-term goals. While working together in these special situations, we continue to monitor your tax situations as well as your progress in the other wealth management issues.

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*Investment and financial services are offered by John Turner through his affiliation with Avantax Investment Servicesâ„ .
**Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.


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